Who needs a professional writer?

Hmm…let’s see. Do you run a successful business? And do you have a website? How about products and services…got any of those? And do you ever advertise or market those products and services? Oh yeah, is your business on social media at all? And by the way…have you ever considered writing a book to boost your business? What do all those questions have in common? The answers all need words. And a professional writer can help you use words more creatively. So you look and sound better. And make more money.

But where can you find a professional writer?

Well, stop right where you are. Because I’ve been writing and getting paid to write for a long time. How long? Let’s just say I started after the invention of the typewriter and before the invention of the smartphone. So, clients have hired me to write hundreds of thousands of words. And I’m talking about thousands of articles, blog and social media posts, website content/pages, hundreds of songs, and biz-boosting books.

Speaking of making money…maybe you and I can make some together. To find out, all you gotta do is send me your name, email address, and how you think I could help you. But I’ll let you know, up front, I don’t work with oodles of clients. Because I only wanna work with entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations who understand the value of professional writing.

Because those are the only ones I can help. So, if that’s you, get in touch today.


Feel free to browse through the many examples of my writing style. Links to different projects and lots of other ways to discover what a super duper dude I am to work with are below. But I’m sure you don’t need any of that stuff. Right?

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