Creative Content Writer Survival Kit In A Free World — 4 Comments

  1. yah dude its rough. someday though.. all our dreams will come true.. until then we have to stay true to ourselves. stay true to the music..

  2. hello iam listening to your song i carry the dream ,soo good hey you have the voice like the singer in starship that sings sarah and you are good at what you do but you probley have been told that alot my son is an up an comming director and producer he doesnt get paid either but he,s always looking for extras to be in his films and tht might get you out there to futher your singing career request him as a friend look at his site [email protected] piercing the veil productions 916-293-6425.tell him i saw and heard your music iam his mom and proud to be much love and peace from dawn good luck. p.s you meet alot of good people when you put your self out there .

    • Thanks so much for the compliments, Dawn. Glad you dropped by and commented. The comparison to Marty Balin from Starship has happened for me only a couple of times. I’ll look up your son’s stuff online. Not sure how much of an “extra” I’d be for a movie, but I wouldn’t necessarily say no. 🙂

      Anyway…I hope you’ll stay tuned. And just in case you didn’t notice…sign up for emails from me and you’ll get a link to 3 free songs right away.

      God bless,

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