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So, you land on my website, and see that headline, and I’ll bet some questions immediately pop into your head…

  • Is this even a real person? or…
  • If Tony’s a real person, what’s his story? or…
  • What makes this guy think he’s qualified to do any digital marketing for me?

If you have questions, that’s great. I’m the same way when I land on a new website. So, I wanna try to give you some short answers to ease your mind. None of that long-winded “I was born into poverty and worked my way into riches” junk. Just some good ol’ information to help you make a comfortable and wise decision.

First…I’m happily married to an extremely beautiful woman who’s managed to tolerate me for a long time now. And we live in “the shadow of Pike’s Peak” (America’s Mountain”) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Tony Writes Office 1804 S 8th St

We also lived in the Denver metro area for decades and we still have lots of friends and contacts there.

I’m the author of “Audio Branding” and 19 other books. Also…my copywriting skills were certified through AWAI’s “Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting”. And on the creative side, I’m a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. Most of my books are written for kids.

Next…I’ve written articles, ads, and copy, and produced a variety of videos, personalized branding music, copywriting projects, and WordPress websites for companies from auto repair to supplements to xeriscaping. From startup entrepreneurs to $300 million corporations. From all across America to other countries around the globe.

And guess what? I didn’t start out doing digital marketing in Colorado Springs. “No?!” you gasp. Nope. I’m an award winning singer and songwriter, and I actually used to travel the country playing top 40 music. Can you imagine? Now, let me show you how that might actually benefit you. When I said “travel the country”, that means I met people from the Northeast to the Southeast to the Midwest to the deep South to the West. And even though that doesn’t mean I know everything there is to know about all the people in all those areas…it DOES mean I’ve had a lot of experience with a lot of people from all over.

Now, some digital marketing questions for you

Do you think you could be doing better online? If so, would you like some help? Maybe you need to drive more sales. Or your sales are good but you need more traffic. Maybe you’ve built up great traffic flow and sales, but you’d like to ramp things up to the next level. And how about a little help building (or maintaining) a good reputation online? Well, you’ve just found the creative digital marketing in Colorado Springs that might be just the ticket.

When you schedule your first free 30 minute consultation at Tony Writes, we’ll have a little Q & A and see if we’re a good fit. I only work with people and businesses I believe I can truly help. When that’s the case, be ready to rock ‘n roll.

Words Music Voice digital marketing in colorado springs

Make the only logical, creative choice for digital marketing in Colorado Springs and virtually everywhere

At Tony Writes, you’ll get direct access to creative digital marketing technology and skills to help you not only build your target audience…but also your goals. It’s not just about getting to the top of Google search results or having a cool looking website. Get the kinds of marketing tools in place to keep people on your site and engaged. The longer they stay on your website the better. Not only is it good for Google rankings…you’ll also have more opportunities to convert lookers into paying clients or buying customers or dedicated fans.

From ads to copywriting to video marketing to website creation, I’m the digital marketing composer who’s helped lots of entrepreneurs and business owners and organizations do better online. When you partner with me, you’re plugged into a huge network of highly skilled service providers. So, even if you need a service I don’t already offer, I can find and connect you with someone who does. Start now. Every minute you wait is another minute you might lose to your competitors.