Tony Writes Ad Copy and produces
personalized audio

When you need or want some help with personalized audio for your digital marketing, let’s talk. Catchy, concise, and creative scripts, commercials, on-hold messages, taglines, slogans, and catchphrases. Tony Writes the words and music to make your message more memorable.

Words & Music for Pickering’s Auto Repair
Lakewood, Colorado
(tell Randy that Tony, his jingle guy, sent you)


Commercial & On-hold Clips (wrote ad copy – recorded and produced audio)

Theme song for the 5th Annual CES Seminar
for online and Amazon business owners

Script, all voice work, and video production
for financial advisors


More personalized audio and voiceover Samples…

Website Instruction Voiceover ↓

Custom Music & Vocals for Children’s Book Promo ↓


Instruction Narration ↓


Cartoon Voices & Voiceovers ↓


Personalized audio equals brand power

Personalized audio, like jingles and voiceovers, is perfect for branding.

It’s been used successfully for almost as long as advertising has been around. And basically nothing gets stuck in the brain more than sound. For example…

Some of the most recognizable brands in America got that way using jingles. And many of them are realizing the power of bringing those jingles back. They might have more research money than you and your brand. But why not use what their research and dollars have uncovered? And build up your own brand power with your own jingle.

When you emphasize your brand promise, and you stay consistent with your advertising, don’t be surprised when you reap the benefits of more sales and profits. It won’t necessarily happen in a day or week or even a month. But it can and will happen when you stick with it. And when you do, your audience will stick with you.

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