Digital Marketing Skills & Services Include:

  • Direct response copy (short or long)
  • Video scripts
  • Jingles (because they’re still effective)
  • Award-winning voice for voiceover work
  • Email
  • eBooks
  • WordPress websites

I’ve written, produced, recorded, and delivered digital marketing strategies for many entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations. My criteria is that you’re ethical, moral, and don’t require me to abandon my core beliefs. And that you’re someone I believe I can help.

As you can see from my list, I can even help you with self-publishing. Using Amazon resources, I’ve published and sold many copies of 20 books so far. I’m also connected with an excellent publishing team who can guide you through the process on an even higher level. Whether it’s your memoirs, or a business book, or specialty books for kids…fiction or facts…I can help.

When you’re ready…Call or email. 30 minute initial consultations are free…even if you use my advice without hiring me. How’s that for no risk? When you’re ready, I’ll even give you an obligation-free proposal.

Get in touch, today, and let’s get in you in front of your audience.

Your free 30 minute consultation call will be Q&A to see if you’re someone I can help. And don’t worry…I won’t try to sell you anything. The questions help to determine where your website could improve and/or what you’re looking to do with your digital marketing.

And even if what you need doesn’t fit within my services, let’s talk. I can tap into a huge community of service providers and highly skilled technicians.

By the way…I’m not the cheapest digital marketing specialist you’ll find. But I’m also not the most expensive. And I’ll always do my best to help you do better online. I love to help risk-takers succeed.